The Webs

Clear Web – the region of the Internet that most of us are familiar with, this is publicly accessible web pages that are largely indexed on search engines. This is also known as the Surface Web.

Deep Web – the Deep Web are regions of the Internet that are hidden from the public. Marketing SaaS platforms, for instance, are built in the deep web. They require authentication to access the data within.

Dark Web – within the Deep Web are regions of the Internet that are intentionally and securely hidden from view. It’s an area of the web where anonymity is critical. Criminal services can be shopped for, but not everything in here is criminal Some go there to chat to avoid facebook deleting their posts as an example. NEVER SHOP ON DARK WEB - THE RESONS SHOULD BE OBVIOUS REGARDING THIS MATTER.

Linux is safer than Windows

Ask about deboloating Windows 10


Secure Browsers

This is always going to be up to the user. Tor is great but also pretty slow, because it is running a lot more security features than any other browser. Chrome is secure but peoples accounts still get hacked, so there is a solution to this. Other than that we recommend as a secondary or permanant browsing tool, Brave, Firefox, Vivaldi and of course Tor. There are some settings to consider, and we can assist there.


The Onion Router

Nope, this is not a veggie market. . . Tor - The Onion Router is a browser created by the Tor project. These are people that take your privacy quite seriously. For more info click below. We can also help with installation, but it is really straight forward and one should do their homework on this browser before using it. We can help there as well.


Zorin OS

Admittingly Windows is slow, and uses a lot of hardware resources to function at all. For a similar Windows look but better privacy you can download and install Zorin - part of the Linux family, and it will be faster because Linux just uses way less resources. You can download it free and install it unless you prefer us to do it, we can give you a service quote.



Like using Windows but would like that adititional operating system that operates in anonymit?. Let us put tails on a portable USB for you, to use anytime on any PC on the move.


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